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Recent and Upcoming Events for RWM Athletes

In addition to numerous local club and fell races, RWM athletes have the following races and other events in their calendars:

May 2024: Pennine Journey North 112 miles; Great Manchester Run Half Marathon; The Lap Ultra; Chester Half Marathon; The Fox Ultra; The Cake Race; Blacksticks Blue 10K; Run Media City 10K

June 2024: Norden Multiday 6 miles; The Whopper 6 Hour Looped Trail Race

July 2024: Ambleside Lakeland Trail 14K; Mossley 10K; Wilmslow 10K; Kentmere Horseshoe Fell Race; Race to the Stones 100K

August 2024: Isaac’s Tea Trail Ultra; Race Across Scotland 215 miles; Gisburn Forest Trail Half Marathon; Fleetwood Half Marathon

September 2024: The Chopper 6/12 Hour Looped Trail Race; Manchester M60 50 Mile Challenge; Great North Run; Riverside 10 miles; Morecombe Half Marathon; Tissington Trail Half Marathon

October 2024: Manchester Backyard Ultra; Chester Marathon; Manchester Half Marathon; Eryri (Snowdonia) Marathon

November 2024: Benidorm Half Marathon; God’s Own Backyard Ultra; Swinsty and Fewston Multiday Marathons

January 2025: Montane Spine Challenger North

Events already completed in 2024 by RWM athletes include: Sheffield Half Marathon; Allendale Challenge; Salford 10K; Fewston and Swinsty Trail Marathon; Tyne Bridges to Boundaries Ultra; Ultra Loop Heaton Park; Cheviot Pendulum; Coniston 14; Chester 10K; Wilmslow Half Marathon; Chester 50 Ultra; See York Run York 6 Hour Challenge; Barcelona Half Marathon; Heaton Park Half Marathon; Sir Titus Trot Marathon

Events completed in 2023 by RWM athletes include: Ribble Valley 10K; Wilmslow Festive 10K; God’s Own Backyard Ultra; Tatton Park Half Marathon; Warrington Way Ultra; Oldham Half Marathon; Langdale Half Marathon; Eryri Marathon; Yorkshire Marathon; West Coast Half Marathon; Rochdale Half Marathon and 10K; Tissington Half Marathon; Pilgrims Way 100K; The Lap Ultra; Lowther Lakeland Fell and Trail Race; Isaac’s Tea Trail Ultra; Media City 10K; Ambleside Lakeland Trails (23K); Rochdale 10K; Royton Trail; Mossley 10K; Bury Race the Train; Coniston Trail Half Marathon; Cork Marathon; Staveley Lakeland Trails (18K); Blackpool Prom 10 miles; Salford 10K; Shropshire Way Ultra

Athlete News and Monthly Highlights

March 2024

March was such a busy month that it’s difficult to pick out the highlights without inadvertently missing something! We had a couple of runners taking part in the Greener Miles Tyne Bridges to Boundaries Ultra. Both ran with very different goals, achieved these and had a brilliant day in the process. Elsewhere, S sucessfully completed both the Chester 50 Ultra and the Allendale Challenge – a marathon distance fell race with over 2000m elevation! Not to be outdone on those hills, M also completed the very challenging Cheviot Pendulum race.

Slightly less wild and hilly but no less noteable, F achieved a huge 10K PB at Salford 10K, and A got a 1/2 Marathon PB at Chester.

And finally, we had a couple of athletes running round in circles: J completed the 4-lap Fewston and Swinsty Trail Marathon – as First Lady! – and P completed 65km at the Heaton Park Ultraloop event.

I could go on, but hopefully I’ve not forgotten any big highlights. What a month, looking forward to seeing what April brings.

February 2024

February has been a month of where many athletes are now looking towards those 2024 goals. It’s such an honour to be able to plan the year out with runners and to share in their goals and hopes for the coming months. We’ve got loads of exciting races coming up this year: I’m very excited to see lots of runners signed up to the Manchester Backyard Ultra, which will be the first Backyard experience for most. Also plans for first time runs across all distances from 10K right the way through to 214 miles.

February has also seen the start of the Isaac’s Tea Trail group training plan, and we had our first online discussion session talking about nutrition and hydration for training and race day. It’s not too late to join in if you have a decent base mileage to start with – get in touch and I can tell you more.

December 2023 to January 2024

Into January and a group of us had a day out at the National Running Show – it was good to chat wth organisers of some of the great green initiatives there as well as listening to some excellent talks.

Yes, I have sneakily combined 2 months, but it was a very busy period over Christmas and the New Year so I’m just catchng up on myself. firstly it was a credit to all the RWM crew that all of them managed to combine the festivities with at least some ongoing training. F went 1 better and chose the period between Christmas and New Year to bag herself a new 10K PB at Ribble Valley.

Several athletes also picked up awards at their club fell and road championship – well done to all of you, and a special mention to D who won her club Endeavour award.

Finally, it was a busy few days on the RWM WhatsApp group as everybody got very excited about dot-watching the Spine race. I’m hoping to be there in summer 2025 and hopefully with some coached runners too.

November 2023

Whist many runners are now getting stuck into some winter base training, there’s still been a fair bit of racing going on. It’s always good to see a runner brave enough to target a specific race, invest all their training into it, overcome obstacles, and achieve their goal on race day. This was the case this month for J. as she achieved her goal of a half marathon PB after several months of training for it. Elsewhere saw a successful completion of the Warrington Way Ultra and a very successful backyard ultra debut for P, who completed an impressive 100KM (15 ‘yards’). Hopefully lots more yards to follow in the future! Finally, 2 runners achieved PBs in the Wilmslow Festive 10K – great results although one reported that she was a bit annoyed that she was still beaten by a gang of Christmas trees!

Local coached runners were also able to attend a RWM track session, where we focused on drills and speed builds. I’ll be running another session soon to build on this work.

October 2023

Another month packed with events – with the half marathon distance taking centre stage. A couple of athletes took on the Rochdale Half: One (pictured) achieved her PB and then went on to finish the super-tough Oldham Half in an almost identical time a couple of weeks later. For the other runner, it was her first Half Marathon so her successful completion was a massive achievement and only the start of her journey towards a marathon. Elsewhere we had runners successfully completing the Langdale Half Marathon and famous Eryri (Snowdon) Marathon. Another runner completed her first half marathon since her journey to recovery from an injury last year. Congratulations to all!

Finally, several people were involved in cross country action at the beginning of the new season, with a couple of runners dipping their toe in the water (or perhaps more appropriately, lower leg in the mud!) for the first time. Some athletes have chosen to have cross-country specific sessions within their training, so it will be good to see how the season pans out for all.

Away from running action, we had a RWM social, with around 10 of us getting together for a meal and to see if we recognised each other without running kit on. A lovely evening and chance to get to know each other better and support each other in our running journeys.

September 2023

We had a few athletes take part in the Tissington Trail half marathon this month. S. had targeted it for a PB, having spent the past few months working hard on strength and conditioning to overcome an injury which had half marathon efforts in the past. His hard work was rewarded by taking 6 minutes off his PB and finishing without a recurrence of the pain.

Elsewhere, we had 2 ultra runners in action on the same weekend. One experienced ultra runner put in a great time at the Pilgrims Way 100K. The other took part in his first official ultra at the Lap, and finished in a fantastic time – well ahead of his target – on a painfully hot day.

Well done to you all!

August 2023

August saw lots of athletes taking a well-earned week or two’s break. But the holiday season didn’t get in the way of lots of running action too.

My highlight of the month has to be seeing 2 coached athletes smash their 10K PBs at the same race: One relatively new runner and one with years of experience but both with the same goal – to break the 60 minute mark. They both did it with room to spare and it is such a privilege to see a renewed confidence and sense of achievement in them – I can’t wait to see what they both do next.

August also saw another new runner, fresh from C25K, take 3 minutes off her 5K time. Finally, 2 runners logged their furthest ever distances for a single run.

Great work team!

July 2023

Another big month for the RWM crew. It was great to get together with quite a few RWM runners to complete the Mossley 10K, and to enjoy some time with family and friends over lunch after. 2 runners completed their first 10K races – with H taking a whopping 15 minutes off her training run best time. D finally cracked that elusive 30 minute 5km and now seems to be banging them in for fun.

Finally we had 10 athletes take part in 1 of 3 small group track sessions where we worked on form and technique with drills and strides. Really productive sessions, and more will follow once they’ve had the chance to nail what they’ve learnt already.

June 2023

June started with several coached athletes taking part in a beginner’s navigation training day – hopefully equipping them with some of the skills needed to take part in fell races or other off-road adventures.

Runners have been busy doing what they do best – 2 athletes got new 5K PBs and another achieved her best 5K time in several years. Another runner has been building up her mileage to distances she never thought she would do – and careful progression means that she’s done so injury free. A big shout out to Dawn, who braved 2 Lakeland races on one of the hottest weekends of the year. Finally, I’ve had a couple of new athletes join the team, so I only have a couple of spaces left at the moment. So get in touch soon if you’d like to explore coaching options.

I’m also delighted to have been chosen as a Greener Miles Running ambassador this month. Sustainability and care for our environment is massively important to me and so it’s great to be able to represent a company who genuinely share those values. More to come on that on a separate post, but please reach out if you’d like to find out more about Greener Miles, or check them out on

May 2023

May has seen a multitude of PBs at distances of 5K to 10 miles, as well as some parkrun milestones. One athlete has completed her first ever non-stop 10K and several athletes have been competing in local fell and road races.

Perhaps most encouraging for me as a coach has been to see several athletes take the plunge to enter races either for the first time, or the first time since return to sport, or to try a new distance for the first time. This new confidence in their own capabilities is a real joy and honour to see and I will relish being part of the preparation process for those races.

April 2023

April was a busy month with RWM, with several new athletes joining our ranks as well as existing ones taking on races.

One athlete battled endless mud and hills to complete the tough Shropshire Way Ultra (50mile).

An experienced club runner targeted a 10K PB and took on the challenge at the Salford 10K. He smashed his already impressive PB and followed this up shortly after by achieving a sub-20 minute 5K at COWM Reservoir Race Series.

April also saw 2 runners successfully completing Manchester Marathon.