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Coaching Services

I coach athletes who have just started running right through to competitive club athletes and ultra-marathoners. I have successfully coached athletes to reach their goals at all distances, as well as those who don’t want to race but just want to reach personal targets. I will always provide you with a plan which is completely personal and targeted towards achieving your current goals. I can also help you with goal-setting if you want to have a focus but not sure what this should be.

Please see my range of options below. Feel free to contact me if you’d like more information or want to discuss more customised options. Whilst I always prefer to work with athletes individually, if you want to simply purchase a training plan for a specific event with no further interaction from me then please head to my profile on Training Peaks where you will find my stand-alone plans.

Event Preparation

£65/£85 for a 3/4 month plan

I always prefer to work individually with someone, but if you just want a structured, individually-tailored plan to help you prepare for a specific event, this plan may be right for you. You can expect:

  • Introductory consultation and questionnaire to establish your experience, goals and requirements
  • Progressive and completely individualised training programme provided via Training Peaks to prepare you for your event
  • A Strength and Conditioning programme for wither gym or home-based sessions, broadly targeted to your experience level and any identified weaknesses
  • Access to RWM WhatsApp group and training resources
  • Note that I don’t offer plans for more than 4 months due to the number of variables which can occur over this period

Individual Coaching

£60 pcm OR £150 for a 3 month block

This great value package is mostly on-line and ensures you have as much contact, feedback and analysis as you need to make long-term progress. It includes:

  • Introductory questionnaire to establish your experience, goals and requirements
  • Initial testing to establish your thresholds, Periodic review of thresholds and other markers
  • Training programme via Training Peaks, with sessions set weekly in advance
  • An Annual Training Plan to allow strategic planning of your training over the year
  • Bespoke S&C programme reflecting your current experience, goals and identified strengths/ weaknesses
  • Feedback (usually daily) on each running session and data analysis via Training Peaks
  • Changes to your programme as needed
  • Unlimited catch ups via your choice of WhatApp/email/phone/Zoom
  • Access to the RWM WhatsApp group and training resources
  • Invitation to ad hoc in-person social runs and training sessions

Individual Coaching Plus

£80 pcm

Live in the Manchester area and think you would benefit from monthly 1-2-1 in-person coaching sessions? If so then this is the option for you. It includes::

  • Individual Coaching option PLUS:
  • Initial and periodic in-person movement screening and running form analysis
  • A monthly session with me at a mutually convenient venue
  • Choose to use these sessions to focus on running technique or strength and conditioning, or to do a race recce, or simply to get a bit of extra motivation

Client Reviews

Here’s what some of my coached athletes have to say:

“I have known Martha for about 5 years and during that time I have seen her progress from a general club runner to an ultra specialist. She has competed in many and varied long distance events and always returns from them with a wealth of personal learning. She still coaches at her local running club, mainly on the track. She is committed to green ethics in her personal lifestyle and advocates races which have the least impact on the environment. I think her decision to become a full time coach is a very wise one. She has a lot to give both in practical experience and personal warmth. Her current runners have very varied abilities and are spread across all running disciplines, some wanting faster 5k, 10k and half marathon times, others looking at the longer more challenging races. Her coaching programmes are individually tailored but not rigorously enforced. She is very aware that the plan she sets an athlete is only a plan and that things may change which could mean alterations or even cancellations depending upon the runners circumstance or fitness on any particular day. It is great to see the achievements from some of the people she coaches and I know they are happy to be working with her.” (John, October 2023)

“Martha provides a personalised, bespoke training plan with all the information you need so that you can focus on the run! She is a fount of all knowledge, keeps you motivated and inspirational in her achievements. Not only this but she strives to be a ‘green’ runner too! You could not ask for a better running coach.” (Hannah, August 2023)

“I have been training with Martha since the beginning of April and i can honestly say that within the first week of my trial, I knew I wasn’t going to stop. Not only does Martha have superior knowledge on all things running, building up  strength, & conditioning your body but she also has this innate quality that makes you feel like you are a priority. Her kindness and supportive nature are additional qualities that set Martha apart. It makes such a difference, it always feels like I have someone routing for me every time I go for a run regardless of whether it is good or bad. So if you are thinking of training with Martha, then go for it because you won’t regret it.” (Ali, August 2023)

“I would highly recommend Run With Martha. She has really helped me over the last few months, I can feel and see improvements in such a short time with my running. Thanks Martha.” (Lisa, June 2023)

“I can’t recommend Martha (Run With Martha) highly enough! The attention to detail and dedication she provides is simply fantastic. From the personalised training plans and the feedback to the really useful information that she provides in explaining everything, nothing is too much trouble and it all adds up to getting the most out of your running.” (Pete, May 2023)

“I worked with Martha to overcome a long standing injury and achieve a 10k PB. Martha provides clear communication and feedback, targeted activities and a structured but flexible plan. Martha helped me take 2 minutes off my 10k time, and I am able to consistently run without pain.” (Stephen, April 2023)