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Here’s some information and links for various companies and organisations that I support:

Greener Miles Running

I became a brand ambassador for Greener Miles Running as environmental issues and the way that running can impact our environment, are hugely important issues for me. Greener Miles Running put environmental responsibility at the heart of everything they do. Their mission statement is “to bring innovative and challenging running race formats to areas of outstanding beauty, whilst doing our bit to accelerate the running community’s transition towards sustainability”. They organise trails races from 10K all the way through to ultras. They have all sorts of great initiatives to make the sport more sustainable and are always looking for news ways to have a positive impact, whilst still organising events which are challenging, well-organised, competitive and fun. Check out their website for more details:

Into Ultra

From entry fees, kit purchase, travel and coaching, entering ultras can be an expensive business, and for some, these costs are prohibitive and create a barrier to participating in the sport. Into Ultra works with partners such as event organisers, coaches and kit providers to provide prospective ultra runners with what they need to participate free or at reduced cost. I’m pleased to have partnered with Into Ultra to offer discounted coaching. Get in touch with them at if you would like to apply for support to help you run an ultra, or if you would like to support them.

Manchester Backyard Ultra

I am a big fan of the Backyard Ultra format, and so I was delighted when I found out that Greater Manchester was finally getting it’s own version of the event. The event organisers are really keen to make the event sustainable and low-key, and are encouraging people to raise money for charity by offering discounted places. It was therefore only natural that I threw my hat in as an event Ambassador. 4.17 miles on the hour every hour until you drop. last one standing is the winner, everyone else is a DNF (did not finish). It’s a great challenge but also a lot of fun and will there’ll hopefully be people doing a handful of loops right through to those looking to be going all weekend and beyond. It’s due to take place on Saturday 12th October 2024 at Giant’s Seat Scout Camp. Follow this link to check out the details and book your place: