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Navigation Day

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Last weekend saw a group of Run With Martha Coached Athletes spend the day on the hills learning some beginner navigation. We were blessed by some very favourable weather, which made map reading easier and more pleasant! The group learnt some basic skills and had loads of opportunities to test them out with a series of mini challenges. Thanks to John for sharing his knowledge and experience.

This was the first step to building the confidence to start stepping out on the hills alone or participating in fell races and hopefully all participants will continue to build on their skills. As someone who regularly spends time alone on the hills I would encourage every off-road runner to become confident in navigation and well as outdoor first aid and survival skills.

I try to regularly arrange extra sessions for coached runners to learn additional skills, as well as to get together and feel part of a wider community. The day finished with an impromptu picnic involving home-made cakes and drinks provided by one of the participants, the perfect finish to a great day out.