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Navigation Day

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Last weekend saw a group of Run With Martha Coached Athletes spend the day on the hills learning some beginner navigation. We were blessed by some very favourable weather, which made map reading easier and more pleasant! The group learnt… Read More »Navigation Day

Preparing for Race Day

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Having just raced myself and with races coming up thick and fast for everyone, I thought this might be a good opportunity to look at race preparation. When I say preparation, I don’t mean the training that you’ve hopefully been… Read More »Preparing for Race Day

Easy-Pace Running

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If you’re not used to following a training plan or attended structured running sessions then there’s a fair chance that you may run most or all of your runs at a very similar pace. That pace will likely be the… Read More »Easy-Pace Running

Training Videos

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A wide range of instructional videos to assist you with Strength and Conditioning, drills and running form are available on the WhatsApp group. I can make other arrangements to share these with clients who do not have access to WhatsApp.